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We are testing VPN, chat, and etherpad services. These services are still under development, and may be unreliable at times. If you want to help test them, please give them a try.



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In order to contact us with a question, use the help desk form to create a help ticket. But first, please search and read the online documentation found on this site.

Our old help documentation is still available at

System Updates

New Tor hidden service addresses issued due to security vulnerability

08. April, 04:18 Uhr
Unfortunately due to a security vulnerability disclosed on the internet today ( ), we had to roll our tor hidden service addresses. This means that if you were using a Tor hidden service to connect to Riseup, you will not be able to continue to use that address. Please find out the new hidden service address ( ) and replace the old one you were using with the new one to continue to use Riseup’s Tor hidden services!

New certificates issued due to security vulnerability

08. April, 04:16 Uhr
Unfortunately due to a security vulnerability disclosed on the internet today ( ) , we had to update our certificates. Check out our new certificate fingerprints ( ) and learn how to verify them. ( )

Systems green

15. Januar, 16:40 Uhr

Brief outage this evening at 11pm PST

16. November, 04:18 Uhr
The will be a brief outage for all services tonight (Fri Nov 15) at 11pm PST for a scheduled power outage

Riseup is fueled by...

06. November, 19:01 Uhr
The dreams of justice, freedom, and secure communications! And also money. Lots and lots of money. We’ve had over 1,000 user donations already, but we need more money to keep Riseup going. Donate today, if you’re able!

Give to Riseup Today!

03. November, 00:32 Uhr
We need money to keep our services going. Please donate if you can —

Our fundraising drive is afoot!

25. Oktober, 22:45 Uhr
One cost you can support: our hard-working servers. They need $4,000 USD a month to stay on.

Services outage Friday night/Saturday morning (US/Pacific) Sept 27/28

23. September, 22:58 Uhr
We will have several short service outages on Friday night and Saturday morning (US/Pacific timezone) September 27/28 for power equipment maintenance. All services will be effected. Mail will be delayed, but will not need to be resent.

Thanks to the folks at for running an indiegogo campaign on our behalf!

31. August, 17:39 Uhr

Riseup and the recent email provider closures

13. August, 20:06 Uhr
We’ve published a statement about the recent email provider closures and answers to many questions we’ve received at

Mailing lists delayed.

09. Juli, 18:28 Uhr
We apologize for the inconvenience. List mail is catching up, and all mails will come through eventually.

Network outages expected today: please hold on, things will be back shortly

20. Juni, 23:23 Uhr
Due to some network configuration changes, there will be some problems contacting riseup servers during this transition. We expect this interruption to be short!

Mail login problems resolved

20. Juni, 00:55 Uhr
Everything is back to normal now, any emails that were sent to you will still be delivered. We return you now to your regularly scheduled surveillance apocalypse.

Mail login problems being investigated

20. Juni, 00:17 Uhr
We are sorry for the problems logging into your account, we are investigating the cause and should have a solution soon!

New SSL certificate

17. Mai, 22:39 Uhr
We deployed a new SSL certificate for our sites today. You can learn more by going here —>

Problems logging in

18. Januar, 16:09 Uhr
There are a few issues related to logging in this morning, they will be fixed shortly. Sorry for any problems!

Having trouble logging in? Switch to secure connections...

04. Januar, 20:16 Uhr
If you are having trouble checking your Riseup email, it might be because we have disabled insecure connections. Check your email client configurations and make the right changes to switch to secure connections:

intermittant authentication problems

12. Dezember, 18:17 Uhr
There have been some authentication problems with mail today, we are aware of the issues and are working to resolve them. Thunderbird often requires a restart to work again!

list delivery delayed

03. Dezember, 18:44 Uhr
Due to our slow machines, and some monthly tasks that caused more load than it could handle, list delivery has been delayed. We’ve resolved the issue that was slowing things down, so things are being sent now. No, you do not need to resend your messages, they will get sent out as soon as the system can, sending them a second time will just send a second one!

list maintenance over

25. November, 19:06 Uhr
Everything went smoothly, your list mails will be delivered shortly. Let us know if there are any problems!