riseup stories

I have had my email account since the early days, when our numbers were small. Has it been that long already? I have watched many eggs grow into songbirds, while the ideas grew into networks that supported many of us worldwide.

When levees failed and governments forgot in the Gulf Coast, Riseup provided VITAL infrastructure for allowing the stories to be shared to motivate people into action. When we went live from a generator and analog wireless twelve days into the disaster from our little HQ, I logged into Riseup to spread the word quickly.

I get wonderful accidental emails from time to time and often politely reply that they have the wrong person, but wish them luck in their endeavors. I look at it as happy accidents amongst small communities.

From the concrete jungle in the Gulf Coast Basin

– scott crow (Co-Founder Common Ground Collective)

Tech Tools

Change your password every three months! What? But I’ve had this password for the last eight years and it’s my middle name so it’s easy to remember. Some passwords don’t matter, but when it comes to email and lists keeping up on security is important. A good password should be long and random. A good tip is to use the first letter of each word in a saying or lyric that you’ll remember: “Poverty anywhere is Poverty everywhere!” becomes “PaiPe!” or “All the freaky people make the beauty in the world” becomes “atfpmtbitw.”


If you have a website hosted by riseup and are wondering where it went, please contact collective@riseup.net.

Hello volunteers, how are you?

Riseup is rolling out a new webmail interface and we have a few css coders who are working on the project. We need some folks with graphic design skills to help make our pages look fabulous. If you are interested, please email sunbird at riseup dot net.


If you give us money where does it go? What percentage of it goes to riseup versus all our administration overhead? Um… all of it. We have no administration. We have no fancy fundraisers who skim off any percentage of the money. All we have is you, and all your money will go to paying for the basics that keep riseup going.