Riseup stories

So I’ve had my riseup account for a couple years now, and I love the simple interface, the personable newsletters, and a million other things. I use it to keep in touch with friends and family and also for activist-y correspondence (bringing lefty speakers to the campus where I’m a grad student, networking around sustainable agriculture, etc.) Before I used riseup I had an account with the dread hotmail. All of the ads used to drive me nuts – - especially the omnipresent ones about how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days or whatever. I used to have an eating disorder, and while I’m proud to say that now I’m happy and healthy and feel good about my body, there were some times when I didn’t want to have to deal with the brainwashing efforts of mass media/advertising. I love that riseup is advertising-free – - I think it helps carve out space for a different culture that we create. Thanks pajaritos de riseup, for all of your work and commitment.

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Website hosting machine crash

On April 28th, we had a rather bad filesystem crash in mid-flight of RAVEN, our hosting machine. Please get in touch if your site is still broken, and please be patient while we work to rebuild. Some data has been corrupted and lost, so let this be a reminder to you to BACK UP YOUR WEBSITE FILES! Heck, back ‘em all up. (See for more info and check out your database at )

name change

Are you tired of your old list name? Have you already solved the issue of global warming and are now ready to create the “End of War” list. Or, more likely, do you need a different list name for a dozen different reasons? If so, login at Your list/s should be listed on the left. Click on the admin button next to the list in question, and then under admin, choose the option “Rename List”. Voila! You have a new name.

What have some of the riseup birds been doing in April & May?

Tucán Piquiverde has been educating different groups in the big south with riseup lists about good and bad practices for managing their email lists. Snow Owl has been biking a lot and installing new mail servers. Tufted Puffin has become number one in the help ticket system, dethroning the previous champion, Sunbird. Sunbird doesn’t sleep enough, but still feels perky and has been working on finances and taxes. Blue Footed Boobie has been busy and sick and fixing lots of bugs in crabgrass.

Translators are awesome

Thanks to all the translators who promptly and beautifully translate these newsletters–if we could send you hugs in the mail, we would. If you are a translator and can help us translate from English into a language we do not currently do, drop a note to


Money is the honey which runs riseup. If you have some, please send it along. We promise to spend every cent wisely.